Trenching Fort Loramie, Ohio

Trenching is a method of excavating that creates an open slit in the surface of the ground, typically to be used for drainage or for burying pipes or cable. Width and depth of the trench will vary, depending on what needs to be buried.

Trenchers range in size from small walk-behind models, to attachments that fit on a tractor, to large heavily tracked engineering vehicles. A chain trencher cuts with a digging chain that is driven around a metal frame. It resembles a giant chainsaw that cuts through dirt. This type of trencher is capable of cutting through very hard ground.

Once the trench has been created, the desired cable or pipe is placed in the opening and then the trench is back-filled with dirt.

This burial method is most efficient and cost effective for projects that require multiple pipes, or in areas that are mostly open, such as along roads, through fields, or in new construction zones.



Utility Trenching Fort Loramie, Ohio

  • Electrical Lines
  • Telecommunications
  • Fiber optics applications
  • Foundations
  • Vaults

Dirt Trenching Fort Loramie, Ohio

  • Trenching in dirt
  • Off-Set trenching close to obstacles
  • Back filling
  • Hydraulically actuated off-set

Ruhenkamp Boring & Trenching provides unique trenching system that installs your desired utility or utilities in one continuous operation, with or without select bedding or backfill. We can handle residential backyard footings, utility service replacements and all commercial digging by the foot, by the hour or by the job.

Ruhenkamp Boring & Trenching experts will thoroughly explore your needs and options before recommending the most efficient, cost-effective method for properly completing your project.